LEAD 502 - Developing Scholars Seminar

This guide is for students enrolled in the Developing Scholars seminar as they develop annotated bibliographries in anticipation of publishing or presenting about their research.

Library Research Guide

Screenshot: Scopus homepage

Search by Topic

  1. Use one row for each main concept in your topic. 
    1. Use OR to add synonyms related to the concept.
    2. Use an asterisk to find words with variant endings.
  2. Click search, examine the results, and note terms of interest.
  3. Click edit to add the terms you have noted.

Example: If your topic is cognitive influences on stereotyping of women, dedicate one row to "cognitive," one to "stereotyping," and one to the "women." Adding closely related terms and using asterisks, you might come up with a search like this:

Scopus search example with row 1: thought OR cognit* OR judg*, row 2: AND stereotyp*, row 3: AND women OR females