LEAD 502 - Developing Scholars Seminar

This guide is for students enrolled in the Developing Scholars seminar as they develop annotated bibliographries in anticipation of publishing or presenting about their research.

Library Research Guide

Checklists and Other Resources to Help You Evaluate

Peer Review ... What does that mean?

K-State has created a flow chart about the peer-review publication process. This chart provides a way for people to see the steps in this process. The first step starts with research. After researching, a paper is written about the findings from that research.Then the papers are submitted to journals. Once the paper is submitted, a panel of people will review the paper. From there, the journal will select from those submissions for use in their publication. Finally, these articles are published in print and online journals.

Evaluation Checklist

  • Is an author listed? What are the author's credentials? Does the author provide contact information?
  • Has the author taken care to check for misspelling, poor grammar, etc.?
  • Is the date of the site current?
  • Is the information complete and not too vague?
  • Does the author acknowledge all views?
  • Is the author fair and objective?
  • Is the author concerned with the truth?
  • Does the author provide support for the information?
  • Are the sources listed?
  • Are there other resources with similar information?

Robert Harris, http://www.virtualsalt.com/evalu8it.htm

How to Evaluate Sources

Watch the following video to learn how to evaluate sources.


Evaluating Sources by Western Libraries
(Western Libraries) / CC Attribution BY-NC-ND 3.0