Shakespeare in the Little Apple

Features K-State Libraries' resources supporting discovery of Shakespeare.

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Although reading the works of Shakespeare can be useful, live examples provide a better understanding as to how the plays were meant to be performed, including timing, vocal characteristics, and movement. In addition to acting elements, the live performances offer a full visualization of costume and set design. The examples selected below include both video and audio performances of Shakespeare, as well as documentaries on life in the Age of Shakespeare.

Video Performances

Shakespeare Performances (Streaming Video)

Shakespeare Performances and Shakespeare Documentaries

In this section you will find a combination of live performances, as well as documentaries on William Shakespeare, Shakespeare's Globe Theatre, and critical guides to Shakespeare's plays.

Current K-State students, staff, faculty, and visitors to our campus can conduct research starting with these databases:

Want a full list of Shakespeare films at K-State? Follow this link to our Search It tool results.

Tips on Performing the Bard's Words

If you find yourself cast as Lady Macbeth but aren't certain of how to approach the role, there are many published guides to performing Shakespeare, like one of these from K-State Libraries.

Current K-State students, staff, faculty, and visitors to our campus can also watch video workshops on performing Shakespeare from the Royal Shakespeare Company via our Theatre in Video database, like this one here:

Audio Performances