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Library Research Guide

Search for Data

Looking for data? Try searching government websites. 

Google limits your search to government websites if you add site:gov to the end of your search terms.

Google search across government domains


Looking for free data? Here are some examples of government websites that you can use.  

U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis

This site offers a wide range of economic data at the state/regional, national, and international levels. Interactive tables allow for customized views of data. Data can be downloaded as xls, csv, or zipped files. 

U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

This site is a comprehensive source of economic and labor data, including wages, employment, productivity, price indexes, consumer and industry information, etc. Data is generally presented in table format.

American FactFinder

Find data on the demographic and economic characteristics of Americans. Data is available by state, county, city, town, or zip code.​ Data is generally presented in table format and can be downloaded as xls files.