Using Copyrighted and Library Content

Find out how you can legally and ethically use copyrighted and library content in your academic research, instruction, essays & writings, and creative projects. Legal disclaimer: this copyright guide is meant for informational & educational purposes only.

Library Research Guide

What is Data Mining and Text Mining?


This page is a brief introduction to data and text mining and directs the user to another guide of resources approved for mining by K-State Libraries.

Some research may recommend computer processing of large patterns of text or data for analysis, and this is called "mining".  Please refer to the Electronic Resources Librarian for license information on whether this activity may be permitted on a given resource. See Text and Data Mining at K-State Libraries LibGuide for more information.  Watch Thales video on "How data mining works" for a brief introduction.

How Can I Get Permission to Crawl a Database?

Permission to crawl a server or database may be granted in a license amendment between the library and the vendor. This takes time to negotiate, so please give the library advanced notice of the intended activity. It may also come at a significant cost that should be considered as part of a grant proposal. Some license negotiation may take as long as three months, although a patron request will be worked on as soon as possible.  

For more information, please contact a K-State librarian.