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Text and Data Mining Rights at K-State Libraries

This guide names current electronic resources at K-State Libraries that include mining rights for university research purposes.

Library Research Guide

Resources Permitting Mining at K-State Libraries


The content in the More Information column will link directly to a second-party website in a new page.  K-State Libraries is not responsible for the policy information or technology advice provided by the vendor.   The Database/Vendor listed may either be subscription based or an open access resource.  If you have suggestions for Resources Permitting Mining at K-State Libraries, please contact the Electronic Resources Librarian.

Database/Vendor More Information
AAAS Science Online Individuals may textmine this resource on non-library servers and equipment.  Please consult the Electronic Resources Librarian for more information.
Biomed Central See policy
Early English Books Online (EEBO) See policy
FigShare See API information
Folger Digital Texts See available list

Gale (Primary Sources)

See policy

Gene Expression Omnibus (GEO) More information
Hathitrust  See policy


See policy

Oxford University Press

See policy

PLOS See API information
Project Gutenberg See robot information
Proquest TDM See this page about product.  Ask a librarian for more information about using this at K-State.


See policy

University of Chicago Press Journals Use of large storage or automated retrieval requires vendor permission.
University of Oxford Text Archive See available list (Text Creation Partnership)