This guide serves as a starting point for locating and evaluating information for English.

Library Research Guide


Chicago Manual of Style

Chicago Manual of Style is commonly used in literature, history, and the arts.

You can use a variety of resources for using the Chicago style properly; we have listed some below to get you started. 


Zotero allows users to store, organize, edit, and/or create citations from a variety of resource types, including: articles, books, web pages, images, and more. Zotero:

  • offers a plugin for Word and LibreOffice that allows users to insert citations directly into their documents and to create a bibliography.
  • uses a link in your web browser (Firefox, Chrome, Safari) to identify and download citation information.
  • produces citations and bibliographies in hundreds of citation styles (APA, Chicago, IEEE, MLA).
  • identifies and stores article PDFs along with the citation information (up to 300 MB free).
  • allows users to collaborate by creating and sharing group libraries.


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Managing Citations and References

Citations and references, while essential to the research and publishing, can also consume a lot of your valuable time storing, organizing, and formatting them. This hands-on workshop introduces the essentials of citation manager tools and will introduce several different tools before focusing on Zotero. Participants will set up an account and learn some of the common steps to organize citations and create bibliographies.