Natural Resources and Environmental Sciences Capstone

Class guide for the NRES Capstone class.

Library Research Guide

What Is a Database?

Library databases are collections of descriptions of research resources such as articles, books, dissertations, and reports. Some databases focus on a specific discipline; others are multi-disciplinary.

Find a Subject Specific Database

Find a subject specific database for your discipline.

  1. Follow the Databases link on the library homepage
  2. Use the drop-down menus (Subjects or Tags) to find your discipline
    • Select Subject: Parks Management & Conservation OR
    • Select Tag: sustainability


Databases link on library homepage

select a subject from the database list

Using a Database Thesuarus

  • A small set of terms or phrases describing what the information object is about.
  • The terms are controlled. This means that the same term is used for the same concept each time, e.g., females instead of women OR ladies OR girls.
  • These terms can help you find related items quickly.
  • For Eric, ProQuest Nursing and PsycInfo, access the Thesaurus from the advanced search screen:

Screenshot of PsycInfo's Advanced search screen showing the link to the thesaurus

  • Search for a term. It is best to use single-word searches. After searching, click entries of interest to learn more.

  • You can conduct searches from the thesaurus by clicking boxes next to terms. Exploding is a quick way to search for a term and all terms below it in the hierarchy.

Screenshot of PsycInfo's thesaurus showing the results of a search for the word autism