ENGL 758 - Scientific Communication

This guide provides information about using the citation manager Zotero for students in ENGL 758: Scientific Communication.

Library Research Guide

Before you begin

You must have  Zotero 5.0 installed on the computer you are using. Directions for installation are provided in the Zotero basics tab.

Zotero 5.0 icon Look for the Zotero 5.0 icon on your computer to know if it is installed.

You must have gathered references into your Zotero account before you use it for citing.

Automatic bibliographies

NOTE: For this example, ASME citation style is used.

Step 1 Open your word processor, this example uses Word. Look for a tab that says Zotero and click on it.

header of word

Once you click on it, you will see your zotero options in the upper left of the toolbar.

Zotero options

Step 2 Click Add/Edit Citation and this box will pop up.

Basic Zotero citation box

If you know the title of what you want to cite you can start typing it into the box or you can select the "classic" option using the drop-down menu beside the red Z. A box like the one below will pop up.

Zotero classic view

Step 3 Select the item that you wish to cite and click OK.

Step 4 When you are done citing, you will need to create your bibliography. Click the Add/Edit Bibliography button to create the bibliography.

bibliography button

Your completed bibliography will look like this:

mini bibliography