Exam Prep Resources

Describes resources in the library and on campus to help prepare students for entrance, placement, qualifying, certification, and license exams.

Library Research Guide

Exam Prep Resources

Books on shelves at Kansas State University Libraries. Link leads to larger view of same image.

K-State Libraries own or link to many exam preparation materials and practice tests.  We augment the resources found at the K-State Testing Center.

The sections of this guide explain where to look for 3 basic types of exams (other than those taken for a class) that you may encounter in your academic career:

  • Entrance exams, required for acceptance into a school;
  • Placement or Qualifying exams, required within a program to make progress toward a degree;
  • Certification or Licensure exams, required to work in a specific occupation.

In addition to resources available from the Testing Center and K-State Libraries, the State Library of Kansas offers testing resources to residents of all ages through LearningExpress.