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Liquid Galaxy: Home

Learn how to use the massive Liquid Galaxy display.

Why would you be interested in Liquid Galaxy?

large format display with seating

Want to visit Antarctica from the comfort of Hale Library? Or present your own 360 project? The Liquid Galaxy can do these and more! Use this guide for inspiration on what all you can create. 

Liquid Galaxy in the Innovation Lab

The Liquid Galaxy is a 7 screen display that is connected to provide users an immersive panoramic experience. People can display 360 photos and videos more easily with the technology. 

To use the Liquid Galaxy, load your project or pick an already made project on the display tablet. Use the 3D mouse (like a high-tech joystick) to navigate through the 360 scenes. The keyboard and accompanying mouse can be used when on websites and need to click or type. 

The software running the display is a content management system by VisionPort. Click here to see their projects. 

What's on the Liquid Galaxy?

If you don't want to make your own project, you can still do a lot of cool things with the Liquid Galaxy. You can explore the many things already loaded to the computer such as:

  • National Geographic 360 Videos
    • High quality videos of cool animals and locations around the world. See sharks and sea lions close up!
  • Google 360 Spotlight Stories
    • Google's project diving into 360 storytelling. Watch to see fun stories from a 360 perspective.
  • Hale Library Reconstruction
    • See photos during the reconstruction of Hale after the 2018 fire. 
  • Moon Landing Presentation
    • Various videos and locations walking through the moon landing. 
  • American University Tours
    • Visit other Universities Campus' around the US.  

Check out the Liquid Galaxy to see more!

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