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Provides resources and tools that alumni, future K-Staters, and members of our community can use. The focus is on academic, research, and work-based resources.

Library Research Guide

Free and Open Resources

This page offers a selection of databases and websites that offer books, journals, data sets, and other information. These resources are free for you to use. Some names may be familiar because they are free versions of databases that K-State Libraries subscribes to; they may or may not include the full text of articles.

We use the term "free" because it clearly indicates you will not need to pay when you are using a resource. Please be aware that the cost of collecting, researching, digitizing, and making these resources available has been paid by individuals or organization. This could include funding from:

  • taxes
  • grants
  • donated time/resources

You will also see the terms "open" or "open access." These also indicate that the resources are free for you to use. These terms are commonly used at universities and colleges and also indicate that the cost of publishing has been paid for by the researcher or their institution. Open access research follows peer review and other established standards. Learn more about open access at K-State.

Finding Free Resources

This page offers a selection of free and open resources. You can find more by visiting the sites below.

All Subjects/Multiple-Subjects


Architecture and Design





Health and Human Sciences



Social Sciences