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Liquid Galaxy: Using the Liquid Galaxy

Learn how to use the massive Liquid Galaxy display.

Getting Started

Make use of vs make itMake Use Of: Anyone can walk up to the display and interact with the existing projects or use Google Earth and Street View to explore the world.

Make It: To make a display project, you'll need to learn to add assets to the Liquid Galaxy Content Management System. You'll also need a K-State eID and a Liquid Galaxy account.

To create your own projects to display on the Liquid Galaxy, you will need to create an account. Contact Jeff Sheldon to do so. | 785-532-6000

Software to Make Files

File types you can use in the system:

  • panorama photos and video
  • images
  • MP4 video
  • web pages
  • KML tour data

File types not available:

  • PDF
  • PowerPoint

Special tricks for common needs:

If you can download a YouTube video, you upload it as a MP4 video asset. However, many times you lack permission to download the file. The trick is to create a web page asset and size that as you wish for the screen. Then use YouTube's special embed code and add full screen and auto play features.

Know Your Machine

We have 7 screens - each are 1970 pixels by 1080.  Make a photo of different viewing setups - casual and small group vs whole class.

3D mouse


The most difficult part of the Liquid Galaxy is getting used to exploring with the high tech joystick, or more accurately, 3D mouse.

Click here for a video teaching you how to use a 3D mouse.