Biomedical Engineering

Resources and tips for finding information about medical devices and other topics in Biomedical Engineering

Library Research Guide

Search Alerts

To keep up-to-date with the latest research in your field, consider setting up a saved search alert. This way, your search will be conducted automatically at regular intervals, and you'll receive notifications about new findings. Below are links to instructions for several databases that are useful for finding research articles in biomedical engineering.

Newspapers, Professional Magazines, and Trade Journals

Preprint Archives

Researchers use preprint archives to share their findings much more quickly than they can through the traditional journal publishing process, which can take months or even years. Unlike published journal articles, preprints have not undergone formal review. Therefore, you should use caution before accepting their results. Check with your professor before incorporating their findings into your project.

Trade publications

Current Issues and Articles in Press

open magazine
Search our browse ejournals using Browzine

Use the box above to search for a specific journal or a subject. Then select select a journal title and find the list of issues, which is ordered with the most recent on top. Some research journals provide access to articles before they are assigned to an issue. These are known as articles in press.

In this example I have selected Articles in Press, which is at the top of the list since those are the most recent articles.