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Data Management

The basics of data management and Resources for researchers

Library Research Guide

Why Share your Data?

There are several reasons to share your data:

♦  To further science as a whole
♦  To further your own research
♦  To enable new discoveries by other researchers using your data
♦  To comply with funder and/or publisher requirements

Advantages of Using a Repository

Repositories have some real advantages, especially when considering NSF requirements.  Repositories can:

♦  Provide a metadata structure for you to fill in.
♦  Publish the data for you by giving your dataset a unique identifier (like a DOI).
♦  Serve as a way to backup your data and preserve it for the future.
♦  Make data sharing easier.
♦  Allow others to cite your research more often.
♦  Provide computational tools to assist people with using your data.

Domain - Specific Repositories

A domain-specific respository has some advantages too

♦  Your data will stored with similar datasets - it's a one stop shopping place
♦  Researchers will find your data easily - they are there specifically to find data in your field
♦  The repository will understand what your data needs in terms of storage, archiving and preservation - they are data specialists
♦  Computational tools may be developed to crunch a critical mass of data of a certain kind