ID 245 - Interior Design Studio 2

This class guide supports research for the Spring 2020 session of ID245.

Library Research Guide

Image Citation Examples

Image from a Web Site

Allen-Lambe House Foundation. (n.d.). [Digitized drawing]. Drawing of the Allen-Lambe House; "Frank Lloyd Wright's Allen-Lambe House." Retrieved from

Bakker, D. (Allen Memorial Art Museum). (2010, July 14). "Weltzheimer Johnson House 2010.jpg." [Digital photograph]. Retrieved from

The Frank Lloyd Wright Trust. (ca. 1904 - 1906). "Portrait of Frank Lloyd Wright." [Digitized photograph]. Collection of the Frank Lloyd Wright Preservation Trust. Retrieved from

Library of Congress. (n.d.). "Residence of Mr. Potter Palmer, Chicago, built 1885." [Photochrom print of the Palmer Mansion on Lake Shore Drive]. Retrieved from

Neal, J. (2007, October 14). "Fallingwater sitting area.jpg." [Digital photograph]. Retrieved from

Image from the Artstor Database

Wright, F.L. (Architect). (1937). "Taliesin West, exterior, entrance." [Online image]. Photograph by Exra Stoller, 1950. Retrieved from

Wright, F.L. (Architect). (1984). "Six Piece Place Setting." [Online image]. Repository: Museum of Modern Art. Retrieved from

Image from a Printed Book

Ching, F.D.K. (n.d.). "Fallingwater (Kaufmann House), near Ohiopyle, Pennsylvania,1936-37, Frank Lloyd Wright." [Drawing]. In Architecture: Form, space, and order (3rd edition). Hoboken, N.J.: John Wiley & Sons, Inc., 2007, 175.

Unique Figure

This image was created from a combination of original photos and a Google Earth map:

Joyce, K. and Wiesner, S. 2014. Allen-Lambe Neighborhood Homes. Source map: Google Earth. Wichita, KS. 37°41'24.4"N 97°17'32.7"W. Accessed February 26, 2014; original digital photographs by Kelsie Joyce (2014).

Image from BV. (ca. 2002-2008). Floorplanner. [Online software]. Retrieved from

Original Image

These are examples for how you might cite your own original works of art, sketches or photographs.

Orthel, B.D. (2002). Front parlor wallpaper, Rainhurst.  [Digital image]. Private collection.

Urton, E.R. (2014). Coffered ceiling, Pantheon (Rome). [Ink on paper]. Private collection. 

Kerabotsos, T.D. (1998). In my element. [Oil on canvas]. Private collection.

Gates, B.F. (2004). 200-year-old Pipe. [Copper engraving]. Private collection.

Additional Advice

General Image Citation Advice

  • To find some of this information I moused over the image and a caption appeared. 
  • With photographs, those taken more recently can be described as a "Digital photograph" (since we can assume some were taken with a digital camera); with other images that are more historic in nature I used "Digitized photograph" (implying that it was scanned to make a digital version).
  • With some images, the website describes the medium with more specificity (such as "Photochrom print"); if the website does not provide a description of the image medium and you are unsure as to how to describe it, "Online image" can suffice as a generic option.
  • For dates, "n.d." is used when you have no indication of when the work was created, and "ca." is used for date estimates.