ID 245 - Interior Design Studio 2

This class guide supports research for the Spring 2020 session of ID245.

Library Research Guide

Artstor Database

Artstor logo

Artstor is a digital image library of collections contributed by museums, associations, libraries, and archives. Files can be saved and downloaded for educational purposes.

The first time you use Artstor, you need to create an account. To download images, use your Artstor work folder, and create image groups, you must be logged into your Artstor account. Also, make sure your pop-up blocker is turned off. Artstor uses pop up windows.

Register with Artstor

  • Access Artstor using the link below. 
  • Note: If accessing Artstor from off campus, you will first need to sign in with your K-State eID and password to authenticate you as a current K-Stater.
  • On the Artstor main page, the option to Register is located in the top right corner.
  • Utilize your K-State email address to create your Artstor account.

Finding Images

On the left side of the Artstor search screen, you will see options for keyword searching and for browsing.

Browsing is presented as a series of drop-down menus and options include by classification, collection, or geography. 

Basic Search

Try typing an artist or designer's name, a work of art, or style of design into the search box

Advanced Search

The advanced search offers greater flexibility—if you do not see this option, click on the Artstor logo (top left) to return to the main search screen. Below Search you will see the Advanced Search option.


  • Especially when keyword searching, you may wish to modify your search in the top right corner of the results page
  • You can return to the Artstor search page by clicking on the Artstor icon (top left)
  • To view your search history, select the arrow next to History (top left)

Viewing and Downloading Images

To download images from Artstor, you must be logged into your Artstor account. 

  1. Click on an image to view it.
  2. The zoom feature is the default. You can use this to create your own detail of an image if you wish; otherwise the download feature will save the current view or full view of the image. 
  3. Once you select "Download" you will be asked to accept Artstor's Terms & Conditions of Use.
  4. When you download an image, be sure to also use Artstor's option to "Cite This Item" to generate a citation that you can use in your assignment.
  5. Be sure to wait until the download is complete; it can take a few seconds.

Downloading or exporting are the best ways to get high-resolution versions of images to print.