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Library Research Guide

Digital Books

Even though we don't have physical books accessible at the moment, we do have e-Books. Your librarian can help you locate appropriate books and provide links you can use in your Canvas courses to make it easier for your students. Here are a couple of methods you can tyr yourself.

Search It

We know Google is just about everybody's go-to search tool. However if you are looking for ebooks you can point out for your students, consider using Search It. For example, you might like to search for handbooks, which are a good resource for a subject overview and usually offer high quality summaries. If you can find a fairly current handbook, then you have state of the art coverage.

eBooks in the Databases

We have tagged our subscriptions that contain ebooks. You can find them all on the databases page, select the tag "eBooks". 

ebook in All Tags drop down

SAGE Research Methods

This electronic resource gives you access to books on qualitative and quantitative research methods, in particular, the little blue books and the little green books. They also have an interactive tool for exploring research methods, pictured below. 

They also have research methods training videos you can assign to students.  

Browzine - App for Discovering Journals

open magazine
Search ejournals using Browzine

BrowZine allows you to browse and access e-journals from different publishers in one simple interface. Explore BrowZine's web interface using the search box above. Perhaps try the word "teaching".

BrowZine app on Android, iPhone, DesktopIf you make an account, you can save journals to your shelf and see when new articles have been posted.

BrowZine is also available as an app for Apple and Android.