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Library Research Guide

Add an NLA Lessons to Canvas

This video demonstrates how to add an online lesson to Canvas as an assignment. 

Get Something from Canvas Commons

Canvas has extensive self-help instruction for using the Commons area.

To find the Search It module in Commons:

  • enter ksul in the search box. (ksul stands for Kansas State University Libraries)
  • (optional) limit the results to just K-State material

Link Research Guides to Canvas

We have direct linking between our Canvas and Research Guides systems. “Library Resources” is a menu item within courses. Linking occurs automatically based on matching between the course code field as displayed in Canvas and the metadata entered into the guide by the librarian.

course code and metadata matching

How matches are determined

It starts with an "exact" search, based on the value passed from Canvas. If it does not find a match, it removes one character from the end and looks for that new value. It keeps going until either a match is found or there are no characters left to search. It does this search for guides and then another for database subjects.

If there are no matches found for a guide, then the Library Basics guide is displayed.

If there are no matches found for database subjects, then the link to the full list of databases is displayed.

Here are some examples of how specific or general the metadata can be.

  • a particular section only         - GWSS 105 B
  • a particular course only          - GWSS 105
  • all courses in the topic           - GWSS