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Library Research Guide

How to Use Materials in Your Course

For many situations, there are basically five paths toward reusing materials in your course.

  1. Find something without copyright protection.
  2. Find something with an open or existing license.
  3. Determine if use falls under an educational exemption
  4. Check  to see if your proposed use is a fair use.
  5. Get permission or purchase a license.

More Guidance

The K-State Copyright website is good for broad understanding of copyright and fair use. K-State Libraries Using Copyrighted and Library Content guide also has information for specific situations such as:

  • downloading journals for text mining research
  • using music in video production
  • image copyright
  • more

Thinking Through Copyright

Copyright infographic from Kevin Smith & Lisa Macklin

small view of copyright framework

Last Thoughts


You don't have to go it alone. Contact the Center for Advancing Digital Scholarship. They can help you navigate the many options shared  through this page.

Email communication to K-State faculty from Tanya González | Professor | Faculty Senate President 2019-2020 | Department of English | Kansas State University

"Fair Use and OER: Copyright librarians from across the country came together to create a Fair Use Guide that acknowledges and supports our ability to provide our course materials on Canvas. We also have open educational resources (OER) beyond Google if needed. The Merlot collection, Open Textbook Library and OpenStax College are just some helpful sites for those of us looking for materials to replace chapters in textbooks, texts in the humanities, and face-to-face lab instruction.

Further, the libraries suggest you talk with the Center for for Advancement of Digital Scholarship about processes in place that help you document Fair Use. They have tools on further information on their guide.

Kansas State University requires compliance with copyright law and, when appropriate, supports the exercise in good faith of full fair use rights by faculty, staff, and students – PPM 3020.30.