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360 Video Library Assignment

You can think about 360 video for the classroom in two ways: "Make Use of It" and "Make It".

Making use of it is a matter of finding 360 video to share with students and selecting discussion points. You can visit sites of interest or search for documentaries in the library databases.

Making it is more involved. You need things like a 360 camera and tripod, a special story board template for planning your film, and if it is going to be a student assignment you will need a plan for assessing the products.

We did a library assignment which involved going to the reading room, choosing a building to research, use the vertical files on the building to begin learning the history. Then discuss what themes you can extract from the history and tell a story about the building.

Sample Publishing Platforms

Insta360 ONE X

This is the camera we used to to experiment with 360 filming. A newer version of this camera is being considered for inclusion in Equipment Checkout as part of the Sunderland Foundation Innovation Lab.