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AT 245 - Apparel and Textile Industry

This class guide supports student research for the Fall 2018 session of AT 245.

Recommended Databases

These databases offer information specific to apparel and textile design and scholarship.

These databases are helpful in researching information about business, forecasting, and consumer information and, in addition to consumer and trade publications, also contain peer-reviewed, scholarly resources that assume a certain level of familiarity with the professional terminology of fields in business. 

These databases provide information on a variety of research related to sustainability and the relationships between humans and the natural world. Information included in these databases ranges from consumer, trade and research publications.

General databases provide variety of both content and types of sources.  In addition to peer-reviewed, scholarly resources, general databases often include information from consumer and trade publications, and are helpful in researching social context.

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Scholarly & Peer-Reviewed Resources

Scholarly resources: 

  • written by scholars,
  • often for an academic press or the journal of a professional association/organization,
  • editors are responsible for determining:
    • relevance
    • quality
  • may include an article, book chapter, a study, etc.
  • utilize the accepted professional vocabulary a given academic discipline 

Peer review:

  • also known as "refereed",
  • refers to a specific pre-publication process,
  • scholarly works are formally reviewed by a panel of experts in an author's discipline, 
  • a structured editorial process ensures:
    • a sufficient degree of academic rigor
    • high standards of research

NOTE: Peer-reviewed works are considered scholarly; but not all scholarly works have been submitted through a peer review process.