ASI 655 - Behavior of Domestic Animals

Library journals and ebooks for class assignments in Behavior of Domestic Animals.

Library Research Guide


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Welcome to the Libraries' ASI 655 Class Guide!  This guide is designed to help you learn how to use K-State Libraries' many resources.  If this guide does not have the information you are looking for, don't hesitate to contact me, Livia Olsen, at If I am unavailable you may Ask A Librarian for help any time during the Libraries' service hours.

Useful Services

Schedule an appointment to meet with me or email me at If I am not available, you can use the Ask a Librarian service.

At the Sunderland Foundation Innovation Lab in Hale Library you may check out cameras, video cameras, microphones and more.

Writing Center - The English Department's Writing Center is located in 122D English/Counseling Services. Schedule a one-on-one meeting with the Writing Center at 785-532-6715.

Kirmser Undergraduate Research Award

The Kirmser Undergraduate Research Award recognizes and promotes outstanding scholarship among K-State's undergraduate students. Awards are given to winners in the freshman individual, non-freshman individual, and group project categories. The grand prize for each of the individual categories is $1,000. The grand prize for the group project category will be a minimum of $2,000 and will be based on the size of the winning group.

Research projects must have been completed as a requirement for a K-State course. They may encompass any academic topic. Applications are evaluated based on the use of library resources.

Learn more about the Kirmser Undergraduate Research Award