ENGL 302 - Technical Writing - Salina Campus

This is a research guide for students enrolled in English 302, Technical Writing on the K-State Salina Campus.

Library Research Guide

Tips When Searching for Resources About a Topic

the topics menu

  • Do not type complete sentences or questions. Instead, type keywords or phrases, e.g., dog training.
  • Start with only a few terms. You can always add more later.
  • Be flexible - if you don't like your results, retry your search with different words.
  • After you perform a search, see other options listed in the Topics category. Look carefully through the list of topics and include all that are of interest to you.

Tips When Searching for a Specific Item or Author

  • Double-check your spelling.
  • When searching for long, complex titles, try entering only the first five to six words.
  • Use either the Simple Search interface or the Advanced Search interface. 
    • In the Simple Search interface, use the right drop-down menu to specify whether you are searching for an author or for a title.

      drop down menu options

    • In the Advanced Search interface, use the drop-down menu to the left of a row to specify whether that row's terms are for an author or a title.

      drop down menu options