ENGL 302 - Technical Writing - Salina Campus

This is a research guide for students enrolled in English 302, Technical Writing on the K-State Salina Campus.

Library Research Guide

Find Statistics

Statistical data can be useful when forming a strong argument, but finding statistics you need/want is not always straight forward. Finding the right statistics often means sifting through websites and reports. It takes time, but it's worth it!

Library Databases with Statistical Information

Here are two library databases that provide excellent statistical information on a variety of topics.  I recommend Statista for the most current information.  Gale Statistics sources provided information up to 2017.  This might be a good resource for historical information about your Wicked Problem.

Useful Websites

Here are a few more independent websites that can help you find interesting statistics to support your claims and findings.  You can also use information from these sites for the infographic portion of your assignment.