ENGL 302 - Technical Writing - Salina Campus

This is a research guide for students enrolled in English 302, Technical Writing on the K-State Salina Campus.

Library Research Guide

Welcome to Technical Writing

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The K-State Salina Library has created this guide to help you navigate research and academic writing resources that will be useful to you during this class as you work on your Wicked Problem Assignment.  Should you need assistance, please contact your Salina librarian, Dr. Mirtz, at mirtz@ksu.edu.

Identify a Topic

Selecting your own research topic for Technical Writing can sometimes seem like a large task, but we're here to help. First, please know that you will likely find yourself modifying your topic as you write and gather information -- and this is perfectly normal!

For your sanity, start searching for books, articles and other sources as soon as you have the assignment guidelines. Trust us on this. This will give you time to search on your own, ask a librarian for guidance, and go back to your instructor if you need to refine your topic. 

Sources of Inspiration for Your Topic

• Consider your interests – any interest you like!
• Talk to your professor.
• Talk with friends or classmates.
• Consider Generalized Databases e.g., Academic Search Complete
• YouTube / Social Media –What subjects do you find interesting?

Developing Your Research Topic

Most of the time, we hear great topics from students. Sometimes these topics are so unique and brilliant that data has not yet been compiled and published about them, or the information that exists is difficult to find. If you are searching and searching and can’t find the data you need, be sure to ask a librarian before you decide the data doesn't exist. If this is the case, be flexible. Take a look at what you are finding and be ready to tweak your topic accordingly.

Save that initial topic! When you start doing your own original research down the line, you’ll already have a great research question ready to go. See the video below for more information.