Research Impact/Bibliometrics

This guide provides an introduction to using Web of Science, Scopus and other resources to determine journal impact, individual researcher impact, and article impact.

Library Research Guide

Altmetric It! Bookmarklet

The free Altmetric It! Bookmarklet is available from the altmetrics data provider, or simply Altmetric.

The bookmarklet allows you to discover the volume and nature of online attention to a single research output, such as a journal article.

Another tool is the Altmetric Badges, which can be implemented on a researcher's personal website to highlight their accomplishments and research impact.

Setup an ImpactStory Profile

Impactstory allows you to set up a free profile with an existing Twitter account and provides data to its users on the current online attention to their individual research outputs.

Sync data from ORCID to Impactstory

After you set up your Impactstory profile, simply go to the settings in the upper right-hand corner (select the Settings machine cog icon); then select "Sync with my ORCID now."

Screenshot of the "Sync data from ORCID" option or button on ImpactStory

Currently, users can only view their own profiles on Impactstory. If you'd like to be able to have more interaction and promote your research, check out Kudos in the next section.

Setup a Kudos Profile

Kudos is an intuitive platform that is free for authors and provides a range of article level metrics (ALMs), including usage statistics, citation data from Web of Science, and Altmetric data. It also helps authors to communicate their research in plain language so that they can promote their research to a broader readership.

Watch this 2-minute video to learn about how Kudos works: