Political Science

This guide provides information about conducting research and library resources for students studying political science.

Library Research Guide

Sharing your Folders

You can share your RefWorks folders with colleagues at K-State and outside of K-State. Each person you share your collection with will need a RefWorks account in order to view your research (which they can create for free!). You can share with an unlimited number of RefWorks users through your K-State RefWorks account.

  1. Click the Share & Export icon Image of the Share & Export icon or the Sharing menu item to start. (RefWorks recently changed "My Collections" to "My Folders." These screenshots still show the "My Collection" label.)
Screenshot of the Share & Export icon and Sharing menu link.
  1. Select the folder to be shared and the groups with whom you will share it. 

Screenshot of Sharing Settings options

  1. If you are sharing your folder with specific people, enter the email address of each person, one at a time, and select the level of access for the person you're inviting:
    • Read – view items and read documents
    • Annotate – view items, read documents, and annotate documents
    • Modify – view/read/annotate documents, edit existing annotations, add documents, remove documents, and add a note to an item

Screenshot of Sharing Settings options

  1. If desired, add a personal message
  2. Click Share Folder

The person you've invited will get an email notification, and a notification inside RefWorks, where they can accept (or reject) the invitation. If the person doesn’t have a RefWorks account, they will be asked to create one.

When you share a collection any sub-collections are also shared.


Viewing a folder's sharing status

To view what folders you have shared, look for the sharing icon next to the folder name.

Screenshot of RefWorks menu showing a shared folder

Modify the the settings for your shared folders by selecting Sharing Settings from the menu.

Screenshot of the menu showing Sharing settings

In the Sharing Settings you can also:

  • change the sharing from "private" to "institution" (giving everyone in your institution access to your folder),
  • change individual access levels,
  • remove individuals from your folder by clicking the 'x' to the right of their address in the list.

Screenshot of Sharing Settings options

Sharing and Collaborating using Google Docs

Google makes it easy to collaborate with others on your paper.  Now you can take that a step further, by collaborating with other RefWorks users!

Share your Google Doc with anyone who has a RefWorks account. In addition to adding and editing text to your document, they can also add in-text citations and footnotes from their RefWorks account.  You can also collaborate using the same set of references by sharing your RefWorks folder with your collaborators. 

Note:  Anyone you share with can delete in-text citations you’ve included in your document. However, they cannot delete references from your RefWorks account.