ID 245 - Interior Design Studio 2

This class guide supports research for the Spring 2020 session of ID245.

Library Research Guide

ID245 Recommended Databases

Use Oxford Art Online to search for a designer by name, a design movement, specific technique, culture, time period or region. Entries are written by scholars of design and include the vocabulary associated with the field of interior design.

For example, the Grove Art Online entry for Steven Holl references: 

  • his date of birth
  • country of origin
  • education
  • associated firms
  • writings and awards
  • primary design interests and philosophies
  • architects that influenced his work (linking to the OAO entries for each)
  • the phases of his work by decade
  • and his notable projects

In the case of a vernacular space such as the Parthenon of Athens, Greece, the Parthenon is referenced in multiple entries: 

  • Architectural proportion 
  • Athens
  • Entasis
  • Greece (ancient)
  • Orders (architectural)
  • Pediment
  • Peristyle
  • Public monument

Avery is a core resource for scholarly research in the architecture fields. Does not include the full text of articles.  Use the Get It button to connect with the full text.

image of an Avery Index advanced search

When you notice a promising article in your list of search results, click on the Get It button to connect with either the full text of the article, or to Interlibrary loan.: 

image Avery Index search result

In the case of this article, Get It shows that the full text is available in LexisNexis Academic and you could follow the prompts to find the the article available electronically.:

image Get It result

Especially helpful for articles on contemporary art and design. Limited to 4 simultaneous users.

image Art Full Text database advanced search 

These databases offer information specific to design history.

ProQuest Research Library indexes many popular, trade, and research publications on art and design that can offer different views of designers, specific spaces, cultural context, and more.
image ProQuest Research Library database search

Get It

The Get It button helps you access the full text of articles. When the Get It button appears next to an article you want, click on it. You may find that we have electronic access in another database, or the print copy available here.

Online?: Yes

If we have access to the full text online you will see a link that reads "Get Full Text Here." Just follow the trail to get to the article.

Online?: No

If the online version is not available, the Get It menu might give you the option to find the print version in one of our library locations through Search It. If the full text is not available at K-State Libraries, you will be given the option to connect to the Interlibrary loan request form.