HDFS 375 - Introduction to Research Methods in HDFS

A guide for students learning to do research in HDFS

Library Research Guide

Where to search for articles


Databases will find journal, magazine, and newspaper articles (and in some cases other materials like book chapters, dissertations, conference presentations, pamphlets, and more).  You can use the Search It feature on the Libraries' home page to search many sources at once. Click on the Searching and getting materials tab to the left for more information about how to use it.

You might also want to search in individual databases, since Search It does not search them all. To get to databases, go to the Libraries’ home page and click on databases at the bottom of the Search It box. 

Recommended databases for this class include:

Almost anything, since FSHS is so interdisciplinary! You may use databases in psychology, health, social services, education, etc. Here are some recommended ones.

Other Useful Databases

Medicine and health databases can also be used to find information on medical research and other health-related topics.


Where to search for books


Use the Search It box on the Libraries' home page to find books and other materials owned by K-State Libraries.