This guide serves as a starting point for locating and evaluating information for English.

Library Research Guide

Streaming Videos

K-State Libraries offers several ways to stream videos for courses, either in or out of class.


Request titles from Swank/Digital Campus (popular or mass market films) or Kanopy (documentaries, independent, or international films).

We have a limited number of titles we can access every year, so be sure to request needed titles ASAP. If we get a title for one class, it is available for any other course to access.

Instructions for Digital Campus/Swank:

  1. Browse their catalog.
  2. Select your film.
  3. Complete this form. Staff will contact Digital Campus to verify that the title is available for viewing rights (this may take up to 10 days in some cases, and 6 weeks for Disney films).
  4. We will contact you once we have obtained the viewing rights and instructions on how to view the movie.

Some titles include the statement: Additional fees & time may apply under the title for films that are difficult to get the rights for; we may not be able to obtain those films.


Instructions for Kanopy:

Films that we currently have access to are already linked in our Kanopy account. If the film you need is not already linked:

  1. Use the search bar at the top to see if a title is available in Kanopy.
  2. If the title appears, but we currently do not have access, you will be shown a request form. Fill out the form.




K-State Libraries offers Reserves as a way to place course readings, films, and other material on Reserve to ensure students in your class can access the material. We will place items from our collection or professor/instructor owned items on Reserve.

For titles other than textbooks, if we do not own copy, we will try to purchase a copy for reserve. Simply fill out the Reserves add form below; we will contact you if there problems with purchasing a copy.

If your course is using a textbook, please consider placing a copy on Reserve.

Reserves questions, contact: haleres@k-state.edu

Purchase Requests

K-State Libraries accepts requests for materials to be added to our collection.

You may contact your librarian (Sara K. Kearns skearns@k-state.edu) or one of our content development librarians directly, or complete a Purchase Recommendation Form.

Tim Watts is the content development librarian for humanities twatts @k-state.edu

Instruction Requests

Do your students need help learning to navigate the Libraries' resources, how to translate a research topic into a database search, or how to evaluate the relevance of information once they locate it? Request library instruction!

Sara K. Kearns is the primary librarian for the humanities. You may contact her directly via email: skearns@ksu.edu

In the event that she is out of the office or unavailable, another member of the Libraries' Arts, Humanities, & Design Team may be able to work with your class. You may place a request using the Library Instruction Menu

When working with a librarian:

  • contact us at least two weeks in advance. We create learning outcomes and activities to meet the specific needs of your course and need time to prep.
  • have your assignment/project details and/or course syllabus available so the librarian can develop student learning outcomes.
  • plan to attend the library session, this reinforces the relevance of the library content to the course content.

Library instruction can take many forms including, but not limited to:

  • course research guides
  • New Literacies Alliance (NLA) online tutorials
  • in person classes, ranging from 20 minutes to a whole session, to multiple days
  • online, live instruction via Zoom
  • asynchronous consultation and feedback on Canvas

Research Consultations

Librarians are available for research consultations for faculty and staff as well as students.

A research consultation can help to:

  • identify databases and other secondary sources in an unfamiliar discipline
  • identify potential sources of primary source materials, including physical and digital repositories
  • locate sources of contextual information, including publication histories, consumer information, laws & regulations
  • learn to more effectively use a database or other resource, including RefWorks and Zotero
  • delineate appropriate use of primary source and secondary source materials as evidence

A research consultation does not include:

  • conducting a literature review
  • pulling materials from the shelves 
    • use Document Delivery via Interlibrary to request chapters or articles
    • use Search It to place a hold/retrieval request for items on the shelf (sign in to your Search It account, click on the Find it at the Library tab, select Place a hold)
  • checking all of your references/citations -- if certain references are problematic, however, we can help figure out how to best cite them

Contact Sara K. Kearns (skearns@k-state.edu) or submit a Research Assistance request online.

Research consultations may take place via email, in-person, or Zoom (virtual meeting).

Tutorials & Handouts

Library Tutorials

These online videos and lessons help students learn aspects of the information research process.

K-State Libraries is a founding member of New Literacies Alliance (NLA). NLA is comprised of academic librarians from across the U.S. who are developing tutorials to help students find and evaluate information. The tutorials focus on information literacy and critical thinking concepts, rather than how to use specific databases. Students who complete the tutorials can apply the concepts to any database, website, book, etc...

The tutorials can be easily embedded in K-State Online/Canvas. You are welcome to request lesson links on your own, or contact Sara K. for assistance.


Students can use these handouts to break down their research processes.

MLA Teaching Resources

The MLA Style Center offers teaching resources, including lesson plans, handouts, worksheets and answers keys. Below are a sample of activities that you can use or adapt. Resources cover style, research, and writing.