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ENGL 417 - Written Communication for the Workplace

This guide contains resources and learning advice commonly needed for written communication in the workplace.

Library Research Guide


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Welcome to the Libraries' ENGL 417: Written Communication for the Workplace Class Guide!  This guide is designed to help you learn how to use K-State Libraries' many resources.  If this guide does not have the information you are looking for, don't hesitate to Ask A Librarian for help any time during the Libraries' service hours.

Getting Started

Before you do any in-depth research, it is always benficial to consult reference (encyclopedia) resources about your topic. While websites like Wikipedia are easy to use and can provide a quick way to find keywords for your given topic, the content is not considered credible because there is no clear and reliable way to know how credible the authors are.

Fortunately, the Libraries have excellent online reference resources that are completely credible and will be incredibly useful when you begin your research.


CQ Researcher



The CQ Researcher Plus Archive is a database of robust reports covering a wide array of topics including foreign affairs, social trends, health concerns, the economy, education, and technology.  Reports also incorporate extensive citations, allowing researchers to pursue specific topics in greater detail.