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This is a Research Guide for students enrolled in BUSN 315 on the K-State Salina Campus.

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Let's Get Caught Up!

You've certainly chosen an interesting time to study India.  In addition to the changes in demographics and population increase - India has likely already surpassed China as the world's most populous nation. India is also in the midst of several state-level elections in 2023 as it approaches a General Election in 2024.  Let's take a moment to get caught up on the political issues that are sure to be major concerns for your business.

Political Parties

Why should we be concerned about political parties?  Well for one party politics plays a major role in business operations.  While some political parties may be open to foreign investment or business, others may be adverse to any such notions. It's a very good idea to get to know the major parties that are active in your area of operations.

Below is a PDF file that will provide information on Political Parties that are active within India.  The list contains the names, addresses and symbols of each political party that is active as of 2016.

Local Government Structure

Government structure in India can be very complex. Here is a brief overview of government structure in India from the local to the national level.

State Governments

Each of the 28 states in India have their own government website.  The link below will take you to a directory of those websites provided by the Government of India.  State websites are excellent resources for learning about local politics, education, cultural customs, and major events. Remember that your business may be directly or indirectly affected by happenings at the state level.

District Governments

In addition to the 28 states, there are 766 individual districts within India, each with their own local government. The link below will take you to a directory of district government websites. Here you can get more localized information on major events, politics, social matters, and more. While decisions at the state level may directly or indirectly affect your business, there's a good chance decisions at the district level will certainly impact your operations.