BUSN 315 Supervisory Management - Salina Campus

This is a Research Guide for students enrolled in BUSN 315 on the K-State Salina Campus.

Library Research Guide

Rails and Roads

Here you'll find couple more resources that you can use for the transportation portion of your analysis.  A word about the maps available through the Indian Government - they are quite large and they will take some time to download.  You may wish to use either of the GIS Services or Google Maps that are available in the GIS Sections.

As for road structures and conditions, it is recommended you look to local news sources for information regarding road composition, traffic congestion, major renovation projects, seasonality, and/or closures. 


If you're going to be doing business in India, you will have to rely on air travel at some point.  Use the resources below to search for individual airports with the the country.  It's important to know that while there is likely to be plenty of information on airports around major cities like Goa, Mumbai, Bangalore and others, it is unlikely there will be much information on small regional and local airports. These resources can provide you with names and locations along with airport codes to help you get started.

Ports and Shipping

Eventually your business will need to export and or import goods.  Its important to know where the nearest for is located. Below, you will find listings from the Indian government for both sea and waterway ports as well as land ports.  Descriptions are provided below each link.