How to Add Works to K-State's Digital Repository, K-REx

This guide helps members of the K-State community understand how to add RSCAD (Research, Scholarly and Creative Activities, and Discovery) works to the K-State Research Exchange (K-REx), K-State’s digital institutional repository.

Library Research Guide

Share Your Research Data through K-REx

Contact the K-State Libraries' Research Data Management (RDM) Interest Group for assistance or questions about sharing your data.

Email - Libraries' Research Data Management (RDM) Interest Group

Share Small Datasets (Up to 2GB) Through K-REx

Form - Submit Your Dataset to K-REx


Data Management Plan (DMP) Templates
  • DMPTool: Interactive tool for drafting data management plans for a variety of funding agencies and institutions.
  • DMPTool Templates for data management plans based on specific funder requirements.
  • Johns Hopkins University Data Management Services has an excellent training module on Using the DMPTool to Write Your Plan.
  • Research Data Management and Sharing (Coursera) - Institute of Museum and Library Services funded open self-paced course that provides an introduction to the concepts and issues revolving around research data management.
  • MANTRA Research data management training for multiple audiences in an interactive web-based environment. Includes a DIY librarian training kit.
  • DataONE Data Management Skillbuilding Hub. A repository for open educational resources around data management.
  • NECDMC The New England Collaborative Data Management Curriculum is case-based training intended for undergraduates, graduate students, and researchers in health sciences, sciences, and engineering.