ENGL 200 - Expository Writing II - Salina Campus

This is an Expos II research guide for students enrolled on the Salina Campus. This guide is built around core assignments in the class.

Library Research Guide

Accessing Online Resources

When a resource is available online through Search It, it will either have the status of "Available Online" below the title of the resource, or a direct link to the resource (typically as a PDF). For some periodicals (journals, newspapers, etc.), the issue contents are also directly linked so you can easily explore the other items published in that specific issue.

location of available online link for ebook record

direct access options

If you do not see a direct access option, you can click the "Available Online" link and you should be directed to the resource (in rare instances, you may be taken to an intermediate page).

Alternatively, you can click the title of the item to be directed to a details page. On the details page, you will see options for saving, sending, printing, etc.

options to send, print, cite, etc.

Bibliographical information about the item will also be listed.

bibliographical details

Accessing Physical Resources

When a physical resource is owned by K-State Libraries and is not currently checked out, below the title of the resource there will the words "Located at" followed by the location and call number. Clicking this call number will open the item record to the "Find it at the Library" section which has more information, e.g., information about multiple copies of a book, loan periods, etc.

available item

  • K-State students, faculty, and staff unable to travel to K-State Libraries may use Interlibrary Loan to obtain materials in K-State Libraries or other libraries.  Visit our interlibrary loan webpage for more information.

"Not Available due to fire"

Due to the May 2018 fire in Hale Library, many of our physical items are unavailable and have this status.

Items with status of "not available due to fire, click to request"

If you would like to use that item, you can request a copy via interlibrary loan. The easiest way to do so is to click on the title of the item, then click on the "Not available? Request from interlibrary loan" option. This will take you to our interlibrary loan platform, ILLiad, and will auto-populate some of the request form for you. Visit our interlibrary loan FAQ for more information.

Option to request copy via interlibrary loan services

Request Retrieval and Interlibrary Loan Requests

Request Retrieval

To request retrieval of a library-owned item, follow the directions below:

1. Search for the item in Search It
2. Once you have located the item, sign into your account by clicking "Sign In" in the upper right-hand corner of the page.

Sign in to your library account

Log into your library account

3. Once you're logged in, click on the item's title, which will take you to the "Find it at the Library" section. Then you can click "Request Retrieval"

request retrieval of library item

4. Fill out the request information and click "Request Retrieval." 

5.  This is not a recall process, so if the item is checked out, it will not be retrieved for you until the current loan has ended. Please note that retrievals will take approximately 1 business day to process, though items from the Annex Off-site may take up to a week. When the item is ready to pick-up, you will receive a notification email.

Interlibrary Loan Requests

When a physical resource is owned by K-State Libraries but is currently checked out or unavailable due to the fire in Hale Library, the status below the title of the the resource will either say "checked out" or "items not available due to Hale fire." If you click on the status, the item record will open to the  "Find it at the Library" section.

Items unavailable due to Hale fire status

From "Find it at the Library" section, you can place a retrieval request (for when an item has been returned) or request a copy through interlibrary loan.

Option to request item from interlibrary loan