Basic Legal Research

Databases, encyclopedias, and search techniques for legal research.

Library Research Guide


The Libraries subscribe to several databases. Some are specific to legal research and others are more general topics. If you're not sure where to start, check out Subjects drop-down list located at the top of the databases home page.  Here are links the legal resources (remember you will need to log in with your eID and password):

Using E-Journals to Find a Law Review

The Get It button and interlibrary services mean that you don't have to limit your research to databases that provide full text articles. E-Journals can direct you to the database that indexes a specific journal title.  Here's how:

  • Click the E-Journals link from the library home page
  • Enter the journal title in the search box
  • If the library has electronic access to the journal, you will see the journal title in the results list
  • Click the journal title
  • When the Get It! window opens, for the database (or databases) that index the journal and (importantly) the dates those databases cover because not every issue may be included.
    • Some databases, like JSTOR, won't provide access to the most recent issues of a journal
    • Some databases don't include issues  dated before the 1990s or 2000
  • Unfortunately, we may not have full-text access to some journal titles at all--for those instances, use interlibrary services to request your article
  • Watch out for the dates!  Make sure you select the database that includes the date in your citation. (NOTE;  your journal may be available in several databases)