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Combining Qualitative and Quantitative into Mixed Methods

Mixed methods research is an approach to research that combines both quantitative and qualitative methods. By using both types of methods, mixed methods research aims to provide a more comprehensive understanding of a research question or problem. Mixed methods research can take many different forms, but typically involves collecting both numerical and non-numerical data, analyzing both types of data separately, and then integrating the findings in a meaningful way.

For example, a researcher conducting a mixed methods study might begin by collecting quantitative data through a survey or experiment. They could then use qualitative methods, such as interviews or focus groups, to explore the underlying reasons for the quantitative findings. The researcher would then integrate the quantitative and qualitative findings to develop a more complete understanding of the research question.

This research methodology is particularly useful for addressing research questions that are complex and multifaceted, as well as for validating findings from one type of method with another. It can also help to overcome the limitations of each individual method by combining their strengths. It should be noted, however, that mixed methods research can also be more time-consuming and resource-intensive than using a single method. It requires a researcher to have expertise in both quantitative and qualitative methods and to carefully consider how the methods will be integrated throughout the research process. 

Brief Introduction to Mixed Methods Research

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