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What exactly are Quantitative Research Methods?

Quantitative research is a methodological approach to collecting and analyzing numerical data in order to describe and explain phenomena. Here are some of the most common quantitative research methods:

  1. Surveys require collecting data from a sample of participants using a set of standardized questions. Surveys can be conducted through various methods such as online, paper-based, or phone interviews.

  2. Experiments involve manipulating one or more variables and measuring the effect on other variables. For example, a researcher may investigate the effect of a new drug by randomly assigning participants to either receive the drug or a placebo and then measuring the outcomes.

  3. Observational studies include observing and recording behavior or phenomena in their natural setting. This method can be used to gather data on a wide range of topics, such as social interactions, environmental phenomena, or consumer behavior. **Note** - Observational studies can fall under both quantitative AND qualitative methods.  In the quantitative sense, the researcher is concerned with counting or measuring some numerical aspect of the subject

  4. Content analysis require analyzing the content of written or recorded materials, such as news articles or social media posts. Researchers may use content analysis to identify patterns or trends in the data. **Note** - Content analysis can serve as both a quantitative method AND a Qualitative method.  In the quantitative sense, the researcher is concerned with counting and measuring.

  5. Secondary data analysis involves using existing data collected by others for a different purpose. This method can be useful when the research question has already been addressed by other researchers or when the data are too expensive or time-consuming to collect again.

Overall, quantitative research methods are useful when the researcher wants to test hypotheses, examine relationships between variables, or make generalizations about a population.

Studying Quantitative Methods

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