CYBR 707 - Research Methods, Design, and Analysis - Salina Campus

This guide provides reference and citation resources for students enrolled in CYBR 707 at K-State Salina.

Library Research Guide

Which Research Method Should I Choose?

Selecting a research method involves considering several factors such as the research question, the nature of the data to be collected, the scope of the study, the availability of resources, and your preferences as a researcher. Here are some things to consider as you select a research method:

  1. Identify your research question: The first step in selecting a research method is to define your research question. This will guide your choice of research method.

  2. Review existing literature: Before selecting a research method, it is important to review existing literature on your topic. This can help you identify the most appropriate research method for your study.

  3. Consider the nature of the data: The nature of the data you need to collect will also influence your choice of research method. For example, if you need to collect quantitative data, you may consider using a survey or an experiment. If you need to collect qualitative data, you may consider using interviews or focus groups.

  4. Determine the scope of the study: The scope of your study will also influence your choice of research method. If you are conducting a large-scale study, you may consider using a survey. If you are conducting a small-scale study, you may consider using interviews or focus groups.

  5. Evaluate available resources: You should also consider the resources available to you, such as time, money, and personnel. Some research methods may require more resources than others.

Lastly, consider your own preferences and strengths. If you have experience with a particular research method, you may feel more comfortable using it; however be sure to consider all the factors above to ensure that the method you are comfortable using is appropriate to your study or research question.  It is also important to remember that research methods are not mutually exclusive and that you can use a combination of methods to achieve your research goals.

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Sage Research Methods: A Good Place to Start

 The Sage Research Methods Project Planner is an excellent resource whether you are feeling completely lost or you just need a little bit of help.  This comprehensive guide will take you from topic exploration and selection all the way through research and analysis.  This is a great tool to revisit throughout the stages of the research process.