K-State Salina Library Essentials

This is a brief guide on the services provided by the K-State Salina Library.

Library Research Guide

Instructions for Poster Printing on Salina Campus

The K-State Salina Library has an HP Designjet Z3200 large-format printer, which does an excellent job of printing posters for research conferences. You will need to follow several rules to make effective use of this printer and the time of library staff:
  • Poster requests must be received by the library at least two business days before you need them. Bear in mind that before large meetings there are many print jobs to be serviced.
  • All poster requests must be made using the Poster Printing Request Form or include a completed printable request form, specifying, among other things, which faculty member and which account is responsible for the charges.
  • Source files for posters to be printed can be attached using the Poster Printing Request Form. If your file is too large to attach, you may deliver it to the library on a flash drive.
  • The file must be in Acrobat (pdf) format. Other formats do not print reliably and will not be accepted. We will only print the PDF as is; we do not edit PDF files for patrons.
  • If the PDF file contains more than one page, each page will be printed as a separate poster.
  • The size properties of the poster must have one side of the poster equal to or less than the width of the paper selected. Please specify the size of your poster in the request form.
  • You will be sent a quote for the cost, which you will need to approve before the poster is printed.
  • Estimated cost and size of paper is as follows:
Paper Type Paper Width Estimated Cost Per Square Foot
Bright White 24", 36", or 42" $1.00 to $2.25
Glossy White Photo 36" or 42" $2.50
Vinyl Adhesive Paper 36" or 42" $2.20 to $2.50

*Any unclaimed posters will result in a charge for the amount of the poster on the patron's Library or KSIS account.

Additional Poster Printing Instructions

Poster Printing on the Salina campus is intended for academic and research work for students, staff, and faculty on the Salina campus. Other printing services through K-State Manhattan are University Printing and the University Printing Copy Center. The College of Veterinary Medicine also has Print Graphic Services.