K-State Salina Library Essentials

This is a brief guide on the services provided by the K-State Salina Library.

Library Research Guide

Starting Places for Research

notes on bulletin boardYou can start your research in many ways at K-State Salina! The resources below are the most popular among our students, but you should always check your assignment instructions for any specific resources your instructor wants you to use.

Search It provides access to both physical and digital materials: books, ebooks, articles, videos, and more. Remember to limit your search to Salina under "location" to search just our books and DVDs at the Salina library. Find more help using Search It.

Databases provide both broad and narrow searching for articles and other materials. Academic Search Premier and ProQuest Research Library are the most often used databases when you are starting your research and looking for a wide variety of material.

U.S. Government agencies often provide excellent sources of reliable statistics and research.

Research Guides are designed by your librarians to help you with specific topics and assignments.

Google Scholar can be helpful, but it does not always provide the most up-to-date set of articles on a topic.

Use caution with articles from non-library sources. Use your critical evaluation tools to assess whether a source is reliable!

Research Processes and Resources

Make an Appointment for One-on-One Research Help

Your librarians are here to help you on your research journey! Feel free to drop in at the library and ask for help at the Questions Desk or contact us below for an appointment.

Dr. Mirtz (mirtz@ksu.edu)
Technology Center East, Room 111E

K-State Salina Phone: 785-260-6809

Library email: sallib@ksu.edu