K-State Salina Library Essentials

This is a brief guide on the services provided by the K-State Salina Library.

Library Research Guide

How to Print at K-State Salina

K-State Salina provides free black-and-white printing for academic work for all students. Color printing is 65 cents per side, using your $10 Papercut allowance.

Method 1

Using one of the library's computers, pull up your documents, and use the print menu. Choose Library Black and White (free) or Library Color ($.65 per side). Go to the print kiosk by the Questions Desk and log into the computer, using either your eID and password or by swiping your ID card. Release your prints to printer.

Method 2

Using your laptop or phone, go to Papercut [papercut.ksu.edu]. Sign in with your K-State eID and password. Use Web Print--Submit a Job.

Chose a Salina campus printer:

List of K-State Salina printers

Follow the instructions to load your document to Papercut. Then go to the print kiosk in the library to release your job to the printer.

Refill Papercut through Cat Cash

Need to add money to your Cat Cash account for printing?  Click the link here to deposit funds.  *Please note* It will take up to 10 minutes for deposited funds to be reflected in your account.

Other Printing Services at K-State Salina


Black and white prints are free for K-State students. For other patrons, prints are 10 cents for single-sided or 20 cents for double-sided. For both students and other patrons, color printing is 65 cents for single-sided and $1.35 for double-sided.


Photocopies are 10 cents per side. Come to the Questions Desk and the library assistant will photocopy the item for you. Photocopier cannot produce color copies.


Scanning is free if you save it to your flash drive or send to your email account. If you wish to print a scanned item, please refer to printing costs above for rates.


A report costs $2.35 and includes 2 clear sheet covers and plastic comb. May take up to 24 hours.


Cost varies per size. Come to the Questions Desk for more information. May take up to 24 hours.

Poster Printing

Find more information about poster printing on the Salina Campus on our Poster Printing page.