K-State Salina Library Essentials

This is a brief guide on the services provided by the K-State Salina Library.

Library Research Guide

How to Check Out a Textbook

Check your course syllabus for the correct textbook information. Most textbooks are available in hard copy behind the Questions Desk, available for 2-hour check-out in the library. You can use the scanner in the library for digitizing pages.

  • Some textbooks are available online through Hale Library, so check below to see which ones have a digital version.
  • Search for a textbook on reserve in Search It: Course Reserves. Remember to look for Salina as the location.

Course Reserves by Course

AVM (All classes; Locklear): NCATT AET Test Study Guide (physical book)


AVT 100 (Shappee): The American Aviation Experience: A History (physical book)

AVT 242 (Von Bergen, Williams): Aviation Weather (physical book)

AVT 250 (Shappee, Dickerson): Practical Aviation Security Predicting and Preventing Future Threats  (physical book and online ebook)

AVT 380 (Dickerson): Practical Airport Operations, Safety, and Emergency Management  (online ebook)

AVT 440 (Bloomquist, Trepinski): Airline Operations: A Practical Guide (online ebook)

AVT 445 (Kolich): Practical aviation & aerospace law (online ebook)

AVT 445 (Kolich): Practical aviation & aerospace law: workbook (online ebook)

AVT 450 (Higdon, Williams): Safety Management Systems in Aviation (physical book)


BIOL 198 (Van Gundy): Campbell Essential Biology (physical copy)

BUS 252 (Brockway): Managerial Accounting (online ebook)

BUS 400 (Guzek): Principles of Marketing (physical book)

BUS 400 (Guzek): Quantum Marketing (physical book)

BUS 420 (Guzek): Management (physical book)

BUS 542 (Guzek): SPIN selling (online ebook)

BUS 542 (Guzek): SPIN selling (audio book)

CMST 108 (Shappee): Shelly Cashman Series Microsoft Office 365 and Office 2019 Introductory (physical book)

CMST 135 (Oetken): Web Development and Design Foundations with HTML5 (physical book)

CMST 357 (Bower): Robotics, vision and control : fundamental algorithms in MATLAB® (physical book)

COMM 106 (Key): The Art of Public Speaking (physical book)

COT 688 (Nichols): Sense and Avoid in UAS: Research and Applications  (physical book and online ebook)

COT 701 (Ackerman): APA Pocket Handbook (physical book, call number WRITING CENTER)

COT 701 (Ackerman): Practical Strategies for Technical Communication (physical book, call number ENGL 302)

DIGME 137 (Oetken): Design Fundamentals for New Media (physical book)

ECET 100 (Bailey): Practical Electronics for Inventors (4th ed.) (physical book and online ebook)

ECET 220 (Khan): Electronic Principles (physical book) 

ECET 250 (Khan): Fundamentals of Digital Logic with VHDL Design (physical book) 

ECON 110 (Joseph): Principles of Macroeconomics (physical book) 

ECON 120 (Joseph): Principles of Microeconomics (physical book) 

ENGL 100 (Howard): Let's Talk (physical book) 

ENGL 100 (Knopp): Allyn and Bacon Guide to Writing, 8th edition (physical book) 

ENGL 200 (Howard): Let's Talk (physical book) 

ENGL 200 (Knopp): Writing Arguments, Brief 10th edition (physical book) 

ENGL 302 (Ackerman, Collins): Practical Strategies for Technical Communication (physical book)

ENGL 302 (Ackerman): APA Pocket Handbook (physical book, call number WRITING CENTER)

ETB 310 (Bower): Introduction to Computational Engineering with MatLab (physical book)

GEOL 100 (Von Bergen): Essentials of Geology (physical book)

GEOL 103 (Von Bergen): Geotours workbook (physical book)

MATH 010 (Hartman): Intermediate Algebra: an applied approach (physical book)

MATH 100 (Lorson & Hartman): College algebra (physical book)

MATH 150 (Oshnock & Sam): Trigonometry (physical book)

MATH 205 (Lorson): Calculus for business, economics, and the social and life sciences (physical book)

MATH 220 (Lorson): Calculus (physical book)

MET 211 (James-Jackson): Engineering Mechanics: Statics (physical book)


MLAS 200 (Pudipeddi): An Introduction to Cybernetics (physical book)

PHILO 105 (Ackerman): Critical Thinking (physical book)

PHILO 105 (Ackerman): The bill of obligations: the ten habits of good citizens (physical book)

PHYS 113 (Zajac): College Physics (physical book)

PPIL 210 (Higdon): Commercial aviation safety (physical book)

PPIL 312 (Dahl): Airplane Flying Handbook (online ebook)

PPIL 312 (Dahl): Flight instructor oral exam guide: comprehensive preparation for the FAA checkride (physical book)

PPIL 312 (Dahl): Pilot's handbook of aeronautical knowledge (physical book and online ebook)

PPIL 325 (Mahoney): Aircraft Systems for Professional Pilots (physical book)

PPIL 387 (Bloomquist, Mahoney): Proactive flying: what ever pilot needs to know about crew resource management (physical book) 

PPIL 482 (Dahl): Instrument flying handbook 2012 (online ebook)

PPIL 482 (Dahl): Instrument pilot oral exam guide: the comprehensive guide to prepare you for the FAA Checkride (online ebook)




PSYCH 110 (Matthews): Psychology: Themes and Variations (physical book)

PSYCH 505 (Matthews): Abnormal psychology (physical book)

SOCWK 561(Scott): Direct Social Work Practice: Theory and Skills (physical book)

SOCWK 562/563 (Marseline): Direct social work practice: theory and skills (physical book) 

STAT 325 (Sam): The basic practice of statistics (physical book)

UAS 270 (Pettit): Introduction to unmanned aircraft systems, 2nd edition (physical book)