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Library Research Guide

Self-Contained Mini Lessons

Ready Made Lessons You Can Install

Typical New Literacies Alliance lesson opening pageThe Libraries have online instruction you can plug into Canvas. Each topic is deliberately limited in scope and takes 10 to 15 minutes of a student's time.

Each lesson can

  • stand alone.
  • be part of a sequence.
  • support learner diversity by providing additional practice or alternative explanations.
  • be paired with instruction offered by your librarian as a form of flipped classroom.

Some topics you'll find here are search strategies, types of information, how to read scientific research and more.

More About These Learning Objects

New Literacies Alliance (NLA) is a dynamic curricular project lead by librarians from multiple institutions across the United States. K-State Libraries is a founding member and major contributor to the effort to expand available learning objects for information literacy and critical thinking.

Why You Should Use Them

The lessons are compact and largely domain independent. They save valuable time for faculty and librarians by providing the base information common to most library research efforts. Faculty can then add just the information specific to their assignments and curriculum.

Alice Anderson, Instructional Designer, or your librarian will be more than happy to assist you in selecting lessons appropriate for your class, obtaining the links, and setting them up in your course.

Canvas Commons

Search It training module

Search It Training Module

We have a training Module in Canvas that helps teach how to use Search It, the Libraries' integrated discovery tool.

Unlike the NLA lessons that are vendor and university agnostic, this training is specific to K-State.

The training is shared in the Canvas Commons so you can pull a copy into your course, on demand.